It’s been awhile!

So I know it’s been forever since my last post, with the big move, working a full time job, and the kids wrapping up school for the year things are hectic in my nest as of late! I am going to try to make a list of new posts for y’all to expect to see coming up; hoping to get it posted here soon. As for now keep checking you never know when they may be a random post of some crazy thing going on in my house! Love y’all and keep showing that love! ūüôā


How to make your own incense.


Everything you need to make your incense.

Making your own incense is super fun and super easy.

My little birds even enjoy helping.

What you need;

  • 30 blank incense sticks. {we find ours at a herbal shop we found, but I sure you find them online if you can’t find them any where else.}
  • 1/4 oz essential oil blend {think good smelling oils like lavender, rose, sage, or we like to mix together things like nutmeg, vanilla, cinnamon, and so on to get food type smells for my kitchen.}
  • 3/4 oz rubbing alcohol {91% works best}


    Dipping our incense.

  • 1 small baking dish or rubber maid tub


  1. Mix Oil and rubbing alcohol in your baking dish
  2. Dip incense in the dish {Bubble are okay when dipping it’s from the frankincense and myrrh on the blank sticks}
  3. Line the wet sticks putting then in a zig zag design or an inch apart on a paper towel {how ever you line them up them make sure they are not touching}
  4. Let them dry out for at least 2-3 days before burning.

    Our incense all laid out to try.

    Our incense all laid out to try.

  5. Stick in incense burner and enjoy.

This recipe makes 30 sticks so if your making more of the same scent then double the recipe.

Make sure that if your making more than one scent at a time to rinse out and clean your pan before making a new scent other wise you will be mixing our old scent with your new one.

Yummy Sugar Scrub.

unnamed (10)This stuff smells amazing, and is almost good enough to eat.

It’s all natural and can be made of the things most people always have in there house.

I did add a few natural oils, with amazing skin benefits to the recipe I had, but it works great without them as well.

I happen to have rosacea hints, why I wanted to add the emu and hemp oil to this scrub.

So it down with a cup a coffee, tea, what ever it is you like at drink and hopefully you see how easy it is and decide to give it a try.

What you need;

  1. 1 Cup Brown Sugar
  2. 1 Cup Pure Cane Sugar*
  3. 2 Tablespoons Olive Oil
  4. 1 Tablespoon Honey
  5. 1 teaspoon vanilla
  6. 3 drops emu oil {optional, but does wonders on you’re skin and if you made a few of my recipes before you already have it because a little goes a long way.}
  7. 2 drops Hemp oil

Side Note; If pure cane sugar is to harsh on your face you can always just use replace it with another  cup of the brown sugar but I prefer to use both.

  • Add your sugars to a bowl and set to the side

    What the consistency will need to look like. if it gets to soft just add more sugar to the mixture.

    What the consistency will need to look like. if it gets to soft just add more sugar to the mixture.

  • Heat your coconut oil in a double boiler until softened
  • add to your sugars fallowed but you honey, vanilla, and natural oils if your using them
  • Stir together well. {Your mixture should be pretty thick.
  • Add to mason to jar or what ever your using and your ready to use.
  • rub in circular motion all over face and enjoy.¬†



Now here it is I noticed that if you keep your jar in the shower it may soften a bit over time.

I suggest adding more sugar to the jar and siring it up if this happens.

Easy as that the whole process took maybe 10 mins probably less.

A crazy Ginger headed Mom’s rant on kids toys.

unnamed (9)

My youngest little birds ‘My little pony’ collection; I wasn’t about to post a photo of the sea of toys I drowned in this afternoon.

As I sat there surrounded by a vast sea of kids toys as far as the eye could see this afternoon I wondered to my self “Why on earth did I keep most of this crap?”

Why do we was parents keep things like McDonald’s toys, or my personal favorite; things our children have out grown?

Now before ‘we‘ get our panties in a bunch, I’m guilty of it to. My children have those stupid fast food toys they play with for a whole whopping 5 mins then never touch again.

Or my personal favorite, half a freaking toy box of things they’ve out grown that they now play with in the complete wrong way.

To give you an idea, I caught my daughter just a few days with this old fisher price little people bus loaded down with barbies, that didn’t fit in the bus making it look like a bus load of drunken barbies that where half dressed, I kid you not it looked like a bad episode of the Jersey shore.

Now mind you at first I though, ‘How cute, she’s making use of what she’s got.’

It wasn’t until I binged and purged they playroom today that I realized she still had her barbie car and was only using what I now call the ‘Drunken barbie party bus’ because it was still in the house even though she out grew it years ago.

As much of a laugh as I got out of the ‘Drunken barbie party bus.’ it should been tossed out eons ago instead of collecting dust in the toy or used for such laughable purposes.

My final statement is this; Can fast food places start giving out more useful idem’s like little chore list for the fridge or something, something that won’t just be added to the pile of crap use parent have to dig threw later?

There’s your random I drowned in a sea of toys today, hope you enjoy this slight crazy lady rant.

Finally a Shampoo, I love!!!

So here it is, I was ‘not so’ blessed with baby fine thin hair; Thanks Daddy.

There's a few different  ones to choice from, for different hair types I of course went for the very volumizing.

There’s a few different ones to choice from, for different hair types I of course went for the very volumizing.

I spend most of my teen years absolutely hating my hair so like many young girls ended up dying it.

Not suggested, all it did was end up frying my baby fine hair, making me hate it even more as an adult. It wasn’t until I met my ‘crunchy’ momma, who has the most beautiful fiery red, thick, ¬†head of curly locks I’ve ever seen making me completely jealous and hate my baby fine, fried hair even more than I already did.

Then to top it off I find out she’s a ‘no poo’ girl.

I was in complete shock as I listen in wonder.

As this beauty with the fiery red wonder hair spoke all I could envision was me going no poo and my thin fire ginger locks now becoming greasy as well from not shampooing it.

What happens next you ask, she pulls out a bottle of shampoo and asked me to count how many ingredients I couldn’t read, worst mistake I ever made because then she proceeds to tell me those or chemicals. Now, don’t get me wrong I knew my shampoo had chemicals I’m not idiot but I guess I tried to ignore just how many.

So with that my ‘no poo’ journey began. I was told and read to give it a month before deciding if it’s for you, so I was determined to go a month.

Fast forward two days and I’m standing in line at the store up the road with ever color of bandanna’s they had, hoping the lady behind does not look at my head; which as I suspected is a grease mop and completely flat to my head because it’s so thin.

Thankfully she said nothing about it, so thanks nice gas station women. Haha. The next few days my hair started to feel soft and healthy even through the oil, I was starting to see a difference, I gave this adventure a month and a half well over what suggested.

So what’s a girl to do? Here I’m am loving how healthy my hair looks no longing looking fried from all the dying but unable to deal with how lifeless and oily my hair feels.

I tossed the youngest in the car while the older two where at school and set of to find some type of chemical free shampoo because I loved the idea of putting no chemicals in my hair.

So where we stand, in the ‘all natural’ isle of Wal-Mart, the six year old pulling everything off the shelves to show me things while Mom stands there completely over whelmed some of the shampoo’s cost an arm and leg making the process even more over whelming, panic attack on the rise we grabbed shampoo and conditioner I found that wouldn’t involve selling my first born to be able to afford.

My theory for grabbing this one was it was Bert Bees, same company that made the chap stick I swore by before I started making my own. So here go on our way home so mom could fly home and watch her grease for the first time in over a month.

Stepping out, I realized that the makers of Bert Bees was a genius, for the first time in over 15 years I feeling in love with my baby fine gingery locks. It was healthy and oh so soft, and even though still super fine, had some body and lots of it and most of all for the first time in months not greasy.

Even better my shampoo was sulfate free so no chemicals where going onto my now chemically stripped hair. I was shocked, so for those of you that thought of going ‘no poo’ and aren’t sure or tried it and hated it, give Bert bees a try.

I’m not a spokesperson for them just someone amazed by they’re product.

It’s 99.6% chemical free and made of essential oils. Best Stuff I’ve found yet!

Momma’s Miracle Eczema Cream.

Out of all my homemade things this one is by fair my favorite thing I’ve made.

I like to store it in a dark jar because it will lose it will soften in a lighter jar unless kept in a darker place, like under the bathroom sink.

I like to store it in a dark jar because it will lose it will soften in a lighter jar unless kept in a darker place, like under the bathroom sink.

It’s like a little miracle in a jar. I’ve spent hundreds maybe thousands of dollars on lotions, creams, and even been proscribed creams for my youngest’s eczema, and nothing worked.

I thought she was just going to have to deal with the dry, red, itchy patches and there was nothing I could due because nothing worked.

And, to make matters worse she even had issues in the summer where the heat reach would get so bad she’d have little tiny bumps covering most of her legs and arms. I was ready to throw in the towel.

Then one of my ‘Crunchy Granola’ Momma’s suggested pure coconut oil rubbed on the skin, I had incredibly horrid visions in my head, an oil rubbed all over her skin what a mess.

Of course at this point I was willing to try anything, and I mean anything. So pure coconut oil is what we did, and it worked, to bad she hated it.

It was simply greasy until her skin absorbed it and just wasn’t pleased over all.

So bad to the drawing board. It wasn’t do to far into my semi crunchy adventure that I decided since she hated just the coconut oil I was going to find something that works just as well.

So a friend of mine who also has skin issues, headed for this quaint little herbal shop we’d recently found; kids in tow we where going to get things to fight this eczema if it was the last thing we did. Hours later we had everything we needed and not because it was hard to find but because we also found other things that we just had to have from our new-found treasure shop.

I was not expecting much from this lotion I was going to attempt to make, partly because nothing else had worked, but I was hopeful.

After about 5 minutes of melting down all my goodies and adding it to the jar all we had to do was let it set. I’m not sure who was more excited me or her.

Once the lotion had set from being melted together it was time to try it out; much to my surprise she loved it. Loved it to the point were she ran around the house in nothing but her panties, no itchiness, her skin was absorbing the lotion leaving her feeling un-greasy.

Of course Rome wasn’t build in a day so this rub on of the lotion became a nightly ritual for the week, finding that she’d come and ask to put some on in the morning as well. By the end of the week her eczema was under control with only a few break outs here and there with would be gone within a few days.

Of course being how I am I thought ‘hmm, maybe I can add something here or there that would make it even better.’ So came what we call Momma’s miracle eczema cream.

And it great on just dry winter skin to!;)



What you need;

  • 1 Jar {As I said I prefer a dark jar but whatever calls to you, just remember to store it in a dark
    Everything you need to make this Miracle cream.

    Everything you need to make this Miracle cream.

    place so it won’t soften too much.}

  • 2 tbsp. Coconut oil
  • 1 1/2 tbsp Shea Butter {not pictured I ran out when I made the last batch}
  • 2 drops of hemp oil {great moisturizer for your skin}
  • 3-4 drops Emu oil {click the link to more it’s an amazing oil, slightly costly but you only need a little so last a while.}
  • 2 drops aloe
  • 1 drop vitamin E
  • Double boiler or I like to use a larger pot filled with hot water and place a smaller inside that one and make my own double boiler.
  • funnel


  1. Place your Coconut oil and Shea butter in double boiler let melt down.
  2. Once your oils almost melted add all you natural oils.
  3. Stir gently.
  4. Remove from heat and funnel into your jar.
  5. place lid on jar and let set so the coconut oil and Shea can firm up. {Or if you like, set it in the freezer for a couple of minutes.}
  6. Lather on and enjoy your soft happy skin.


Home Made Multi Purpose Cleaner.

unnamed (3)

my cleaner after fermenting, hints why it’s all yellow.

It works great and gets out any grease or stuck on grime and it’s super easy to make.

Warning it does have to ferment for a week so make sure you have cleaner on hand until it’s ready for use and make sure you keep an eye on how low you so you know when to start the next batch.

And your not spending a ton of money on expensive store bought cleaner.

Your kids decide toy get into it!

Guess what……it’s non-toxic.

It’s gonna taste nasty and it’s something they probably won’t to again but it won’t warm them.

What you need;

  • 1-2 cups of white vinegar

    Only thing not pictured is the fruit because I took the picture after it had fermented.

    Only thing not pictured is the fruit because I took the picture after it had fermented.

  • 1 large grapefruit (optional)
  • I lemon
  • 2 large oranges
  • mason jars
  • 1 tsp. Hydrogen Peroxide (Optional, I like it because it to really break down the grim and it’s for killing germs
  • funnel


  1. Cut and peel the Grapefruit, Lemon, and Oranges. {If you opt out of the grapefruit add an extra  orange
  2. toss the peels of the fruit in the mason jars until completely full. {Now I just a larger mason jar and usually have to pull out a few smaller ones and fill those as well. As for for the peeled fruit I toss in a rubber made tub and make fruit salad out of it other than the lemons, my little bird won’t eat them. lmao.}
  3. Add your vinegar and Hydrogen Peroxide (Number of cup depends on the size mason jar your using, 2 cups for a larger jar 1 for smaller jars.
  4. seal mason jar and let ferment in a dark place for 1 week.
  5. Once fermented funnel liquid into spray bottle and enjoy. {I usually dumb the peels in the garbage disposal.}